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Highly Sensitive Person? Is Your Perfectionist Mask Keeping You From Coming Out?

Have you grown up hearing, “You’re too sensitive. You’re too emotional. You’re too passionate. Stop being such a drama queen. Stop being such a … girl. We learn from a young age that who we are on the inside isn’t appropriate, or worthy, or good enough or acceptable. So many of us put on a perfectionist mask to be acceptable to society. We either start overachieving in one area to compensate for the sensitivity flaw that we think we have, or we completely shut down, buy into our own story that we’re too sensitive and not good enough, so therefore we’re not going to bother to try. Well, what if there was another way? What if there was a way to come out as your beautifully sensitive self and create confidence, empowerment and inner peace so you can start living and leading with the power of authenticity? Watch this video for inspiration!

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