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Are You Rocking Time Management & Overwhelmed Anyway?

Are You Rocking Time Management & Overwhelmed Anyway?

Hey everyone it’s Maria!

Ever notice that highly sensitive people like you and me can become skilled at managing our time and yet still feel drained and overwhelmed at the end of the day? Here’s why this is most likely happening:

Tweet this: Time management is an outdated concept. Energy management is key. #TimeManagement @MariaLPascucciTweet this: Time management is an outdated concept. Energy management is key. #TimeManagement @MariaLPascucci

And time management can certainly be a part of this. For example, let’s say your family member or friend is experiencing something challenging and you sense that they’re suffering. Your automatic without-even-thinking-about-it tendency is to judge the situation as “bad” and mentally go into “fix it and rescue mode”.

This is leading you to take on any number of emotions simultaneously that actually belong to your loved one, emotions like worry, anger, overwhelm, frustration, guilt, and anxiety.

You may even feel resentment…especially if you know from past experience that the person you’re trying so hard to fix, save and help doesn’t respond to your help in the way you’d like.

Even though you’re managing your time, you’re leaking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy out all over the place by assuming too much responsibility for others.

THAT is what’s really leaving you feeling drained. Then when it’s time to do things for your own self-care like go to the gym and exercise, you don’t because even though you prioritized the time, you don’t have the energy.

When you begin to feel drained in one area of your life, you have less total available energy to bring to the other areas of your life, like your career or your business.

A lot of people (and especially highly sensitive people) have the tendency to shut down, or shield themselves from dealing with areas of their lives that are painful or too overwhelming. So even though you may want to rescue your friend or family member from their suffering, you may start to avoid the situation altogether, and then feel guilty.

And you may also avoid examining your own feelings, never thinking to ask yourself the key question for your own growth:

Why do you feel it’s your job to fix and rescue others rather than loving them enough to empower them to solve their own challenges while you cheer them on?

Instead, you may compartmentalize to get through the day. Compartmentalization is a totally understandable though ineffective short-term coping strategy. It disrupts creativity, clarity, and our natural state of flow. And compartmentalization is a dangerous long-term strategy that messes with our health and other treatments like hemorrhoids treatment, our relationships, confidence and ability to lead authentically and powerfully as sensitive women.

That’s why it’s so critical to stop avoiding pain in your personal life as you attempt to plow forward in your career or your business. Been there, done that! And when I learned how to face the pain and shift my energy in my personal life, I freed up so much energy to BE the confident, resilient and fully congruent businesswoman that my clients deserve.

If you could confidently face the pain and learn how to shift your energy in your personal life, on your own or through working with a life coach like me, imagine how much energy you could free up to grow your business with ease and excitement, advance your career or simply give your dreams the space to come true.

And imagine how it would feel to love on your friends and family members, and show them compassion, without feeling compelled to fix or rescue them because you trust that they’re capable of being the leaders of their own lives when you step aside and give them the opportunity to be (raising their confidence and belief in themselves). It’s a truly holistic approach to business and life success for highly sensitive soul sisters like us!

This simple tool is at the heart of my own coaching process because it helps me laser focus in on where my clients are leaking energy and consequently feeling overpowered by their sensitivity instead of empowered by it.

Get it now by signing up here:

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As one of my ultra-wise clients says before our weekly coaching sessions:
“It’s time to practice energetic hygiene!”

Where in your life are you leaking energy? Post below and let’s start a conversation! And remember you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to support you and guide you every step of the way!

If you love this message, I’d be so grateful if you “like it” and share it with your friends, especially the highly sensitive soul sisters like us. Till next time!

With love,



  1. Roz

    I totally recognize myself in this post!!

    • Maria

      I’m glad it resonated with you 🙂

  2. Laura

    Oh wow did I need this today!

    • Maria

      I’m thrilled that it served you <3

  3. Nelly

    I love your post, I found it very useful. I do allow myself to get caught up with friends and family stuff and I suffer from it badly.

    • Maria

      You’re not alone Nelly and I’m always here to support you 🙂

  4. ÿþS

    I was very happy to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks in your time for this glorious read!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you weblog post.

  5. Louise Mcgurk

    I get tired constant the past few months especially and have just been told I am an empath at age 22 people think I have BPD cause of this and that is a mental illness which I know isn’t true I just sense other feelings and emotions and I am in awe for them.

  6. Cephianne Smythe

    I am Epileptic and it was at my visit with my new Neurologist Dr. S. Wheeler yesterday I found out that I am also am Empath, but the down side to that is not only family members currently sickn but married to a Narcissist. Can u help me?

  7. Sara Jenkins

    The rescue needed is our own! I know when I have overloaded I need dark, quiet and alone, so I can internalize and sort out the errant emotions and deal with issues rationally and logically. If the stress is sustained (>6 months), I need rescuing! Simply put, I cannot deal with people I love, do not offer me choices, I can no longer hear or feel you, don’t involve me in running the house, dont talk to me at work, don’t tell me your worried about me, leave me alone! I think it’s worse when your partner is mildly sensitive, they feel you withdrawing but don’t understand why, so increase interactions….sometimes as empaths we forget that others don’t get the flow of information that we do, causing us to misjudge severity. People who aren’t empaths do not need rescuing, they often need only to be heard.x

  8. Ariel Paz

    This is great, Maria. Came across it from the Empath Connection on FB. So timely.
    Posted on my FB page to share with others. Thank you!

    • Maria

      Ariel, You’re so welcome! Thank you for posting it to your FB page 🙂

  9. Missy

    Truly a God send. I’m an HS person. I’ve thought for years something was wrong with me. Your website is teaching me how to love and embrace who I am and shift some areas to empower me instead of being drained all the time.

    What a profound idea- “not TIME management” but “ENERGY management”. I am a fixer. The above is sooo for me! I’m heading on vacation then I’m seriously praying about doing one of your coaching sessions.

    THANK YOU!! for fulfilling the call on your life.

    • Maria

      Thank you Missy! I’d be honored to coach with you when you return from vacation. We HSPs shine when we stick together and lift each other up <3


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