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Does standing in your value scare you?

Does standing in your value scare you?

Hey everyone! It’s Maria.

Can a highly sensitive person like you get paid to share your one-of-a-kind gifts with the world? Yes! When you’re ready to accept this:

When you put yourself out there in a big way and ask for money in exchange for your services, products, time and expertise, you will experience a backlash. People will shy away from you. Some people will call you, “Arrogant, greedy or even selfish.” You will get talked about behind your back. Some people will roll their eyes and snicker and say, “Who the heck does she think she is?!” So much so that it may cause a highly sensitive person like you to shut down, and make a choice to not realize your dreams before you even give them a chance to come true. Or, if you put yourself out there, you may not be leading with the real you. Instead, you might “wall up” and lead with a picture-perfect version of yourself that feels safe and appropriate to share with the world.

AND here’s the good news: when you put yourself out there, some people will happily invest in what you have to offer and they will thank you for standing up and sharing your unique gifts, voice and brilliance with the world. And other people will happily refer you to people they know you can make the biggest impact in their lives, and also thank you for standing up and sharing your brilliance with the world. Some people will call you, “Generous and even inspiring.” And some people will say, “Where the heck have you been all my life?!”

Here’s the thing: you can’t open yourself up to experiencing all of the love until you make the choice to be okay to also simultaneously open yourself up to experiencing what love isn’t.

The backlash is actually a gift for two reasons:

  • It affords you the opportunity to face your fears and grow.
  • It affords you the opportunity to be so grateful and appreciative of all the love and support that you create opportunities to experience everyday along the way on your journey to embracing who you authentically are, and then sharing that voice with the world.

When you flow through your fear and leap off your ledge, what is the best thing that will be different about your life?

I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment below, and ask me any questions that you want so I can support you. Remember, you do not have to do this all by yourself! I would love to be your guide. <3

With love,



  1. Kasnya

    Your passion and genuineness is a marvel to behold Maria! When I throw my fears under the bus and step into the power of my passion to change people’s awareness of how food can heal, I will have a business to be proud of…and that will help my husband to retire sooner!

    • Maria

      You’re already well on your way Kasnya! xo

  2. Sheila

    Beautiful Maria. You are so wise, so young. You are absolutely right.
    Thank you for your work.

    • Maria

      Thank you Sheila! xo

  3. Cherie

    I love this video Maria and thank you for making it. Sometimes I still struggle with that scared insecure voice in my head! I’ve learned how to cope with it and so I know just how important your work is! You’re going to help change so many lives!

    • Maria

      Hi Cherie! Thank you for watching my video and I’m thrilled that it spoke to you! We all have that scared inner voice. It’s all in how we treat it that matters. When I battle with it, no part of me truly wins. When I acknowledge it, give it some love and then ask it to help me grow, all the parts of me harmonize. xo


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