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Are you empowered by your sensitivity, or is your sensitivity overpowering you?

You can find out through my Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, a powerful tool unlike any other.

Imagine how your life would be different if you better understood your sensitivity, knowing that it is your greatest superpower. What could you achieve that you have been holding back on, in both your life, relationships and career? It’s time to find out and this one-of-a-kind coaching experience will be the roadmap to get you started.

Sensitivity Assessment

This Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter Coaching Package includes:

  • A 20-minute online Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)
  • 10-Page Written Report that reveals to you exactly what has been draining your body of energy, what it will take to patch up the leaks, and then how to create more internal power to transform your sensitivity into an asset
  • A bonus 90-minute private debrief & coaching session with Maria
  • A confidential, judgment-free zone to ask and share anything you want

Invest in your success:

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I absolutely loved The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, along with my ELI Assessment and debrief with Maria!

layneSeeing the results of my evaluation and having Maria interpret what it all meant was like looking at a picture of myself, my life, in a simple bar graph. I had no idea that a few lines could mean so much! Because of the information that I learned about myself, I now have a greater opportunity to understand how my personality handles stress and what my potential for greater good is. It was as if we turned on some light bulbs in a few very dark corners of my soul. I feel that this will enable me to get out of my way more as I launch my coaching business, and to know where I have openings for spiritual growth.

Maria asks precise questions that invite me to look inside myself for answers and helps me have faith that I already have the answers within. She gently creates a safe space for me to be honest and vulnerable. The way she receives my answers, with a steady, non-judgmental kindness, allows me to be courageous and expressive. With Maria by my side, I feel less afraid.

Maria showed me a way to access my power, grace and gifts even when the going gets tough–without going into my fight or flight stress reaction. This is the key to us sensitive souls no longer getting in our own way, which opens us up to creating clarity, power and peacefulness.

The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter will transform every piece of your world, every conversation with yourself, all aspects of your business, and every relationship can powerfully shift immediately so that your conversations tomorrow look and more importantly feel totally different. Why would you wait another day?

Layne Lyons,
Legal Ease with Layne

I loved working one-on-one with Maria.


From her professional invitation video, I could tell that I was dealing with someone special, who understood me and what I experience as a health coach. She knew my struggles and taught me how I could overcome them. Maria’s approach is unique, in that she leads you to the truth with probing questions that explore your doubts, fears, concerns, frustrations, then focusing on your passion, creativity, uniqueness, and ability to help and lead others.

I had no reservations in opening up to Maria, as she created a safe, empathetic environment for me to do so. Her loving, non-judgmental approach made it easy to work with her. On top of the one-on-one, her bonuses and handouts were very high quality. She doesn’t hold back when sharing her expertise, as she has a true desire to see others succeed.

I can see myself working with Maria again!

Leah Campian,

MelissaI took the Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, along with Maria’s ELI assessment and debrief, as I was intrigued to know why in certain circumstances, I felt completely overwhelmed and overpowered by my emotions. I knew that if I wanted to have the success I dreamed of, I would need to temper my emotions and gain power over my sensitive ways. The assessment helped me identify my roadblocks and the positive side of my sensitivities, whilst showing me that it is possible to change my responses – and that most importantly, I have the choice and power to do so. Now, I can see my potential for moving forward in a way that harnesses my sensitivities, so I can successfully manifest the life I desire without feeling so overwhelmed! Having clearly harnessed her own HSP powers, Maria is a compassionate and intuitive coach. She created a judgment free, safe space during our session that was so valuable for discussing things of such a sensitive nature.

I plan to continue coaching with Maria to fully transform my sensitivity into an asset so I can grow my business with more clarity, ease and graceful power while leveraging my HSP gifts.

Melissa Smith,
Holistic Biz Strategist,

I first met Maria after watching her present at a holistic health conference and was immediately impressed.

Life Coach

Her presentation content and delivery was incredibly inspiring and her energy is contagious. I had been considering hiring a coach for a while and once I experienced Maria, I knew she was the right one. I have not been disappointed.

Maria’s coaching style combined with the iPEC Leadership Assessment is a recipe for success in enacting change.

The assessment provided insight from a perspective I had not previously considered yet that has a profound impact on interactions with others in every situation. Maria has an excellent grasp of the science behind the assessment and better yet, practical applications for the real world. The approach yielded rich insight into both myself and those around me, which has enabled me to fine-tune how I show up in addition to gauging how others are—and facilitating them to operate at their highest potential.

In my coaching business it’s helping me assess fit with prospects, as well as optimizing interactions with clients. It’s also been a great tool for enhancing interpersonal relationships with friends and family.

Beyond the assessment, Maria’s coaching style is caring yet candid and incredibly effective. Maria guides me to focus on those things that will create tectonic shifts and when I’m wavering, she helps me sort it out and be more decisive. All along the way providing tools and resources to help me stay on course. My productivity level has increased notably since working with Maria.

Phillip Barone,
Transformational Nutrition Coach

As a recent ITN graduate, I was feeling excited and at the same time overwhelmed by the thought of stepping onto my new path as a health coach.
nutrition coachBeing a highly sensitive person (HSP), feeling stressed out by any change—even good change—was leading me to feeling overwhelmed and an inability to take action. My journey over the past several years has led me to take big leaps of faith and the frustration, confusion, and overwhelm paralysis had become a consistent obstacle.

Maria has been an inspiration to me with her heart centered, authentic leadership and confidence as a coach and HSP.

It felt very natural to take this next step on my journey with her as my guide.

The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, along with my ELI assessment and debrief was such a profound experience! I was able to see and understand where my feelings were coming from and to view them from a place of compassion. I now see my sensitivity as an asset helping me to make empowered choices in all areas of my life. To be able to move from a place of confusion and overwhelm to a place of clarity and action has been life changing!

My heart said a huge “YES” to continued coaching with Maria and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! She coaches from her heart and her continued support and guidance has empowered and inspired me to step into my role as a health coach. I am so grateful and honored to help and empower other women do the same!

Jennifer Eagan

The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter was completely eye opening, spot on, clarifying, and motivating.

nutrition coachMaria uses her incredible gifts of intuition and empathy to ask questions that help you understand why you respond and react a certain way to events in your business and personal life, and how knowing this can help when you’re working with clients. The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, along with Maria’s ELI assessment and debrief, helps you look at all of your relationships through a new lens!

Maria really helped me see my own potential … I feel like I’m buzzing!

She just helps you get to your core and see where the blocks are and why. Most importantly her mirror reflects your best back to you, and that’s the part that’s going to drive you! I encourage all women to take this assessment and work with Maria. You won’t regret it!

Jenn Banwart Krusinski,

Throughout my healing journey I’ve realized how sensitive I am.

10293850_10205042704685811_7432976330915698218_2This has been a huge fear, as I enter the coaching world still not completely healthy. Other people’s energy can be draining without self-awareness, understanding, and proper self-care practices. Being sensitive can make us great coaches as long as we create inner-harmony and don’t unconsciously take on our clients’ painful emotions. Maria is a wonderful coach! I found this assessment to be very informative and enlightening while bringing great value to my personal and professional growth. When Maria debriefed me, it was obvious how much passion and knowledge she has around sensitive souls. It can bring up nervous emotions when there is a “test” involved; however she eases any fears with a nonjudgmental, safe space. During our one-on-one debrief, Maria was able to relate my strengths in terms of coaching clients, as well as discuss ways to avoid common pitfalls that I may find myself in while coaching clients based on my energetic makeup. As a new coach, I found so much value and feel you will too. After all, the more self-love and self-awareness we have the more love we can share with others.

Jennifer Stucker

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