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Maria’s all about keeping things simple so here’s how you can tell if you’re a sensitive soul sister, a highly sensitive person (also called an HSP)

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I a highly sensitive person?" Or perhaps you have been told by others that you're "Too Sensitive."

Take this short quiz to test yourself and see if you're highly sensitive and what that means to your life and others around you.

Have you ever been told any variations of the following: “Jeez, you’re soooo sensitive. You’re so emotional. What’s wrong with you? Get a thicker skin! Stop being such a crybaby. Why are you acting like such a…girl?
Are your feelings easily hurt?
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
If someone hurts your feelings, would you rather swallow your emotions than risk confronting him/her?
Do you take on other people’s problems in an effort to help them?
Do you have unexplained allergies/intolerances or sensitivities to foods?
Are there certain people in your life that leave you feeling drained and sometimes even physically ill every time you’re around them?
Do you have a super big heart and feel hurt when you see a lack of love in the world?
Do you avoid violent, dark movies or even the News because witnessing other people’s pain really affects you?
When you’re around positive, joyful people, do you instantly feel more joyful and positive yourself?
Do people love to pour out their life stories to you, even when they barely know you?
Because you value helping others so much, do you have trouble saying no to people when they ask you for your time, so much so that you can sometimes say yes to everyone except yourself?
Can you walk into a room and feel the vibe immediately?
Can you tell if someone is stressed, sad, angry or upset just because…all you have to do is look into his/her eyes?
Do you get easily overwhelmed when you have a lot to do in a short time?
Are you easily affected by strong emotions?
Do you hold your breath whenever you pass by a perfume or candle store in the mall because you feel overpowered by strong scents?
If you push yourself to meet a deadline and skimp on sleep and self-care in the process, do you feel like your body gives out far more quickly than other people’s bodies…. so much so that you’re always wondering why your body can’t handle things better?
Do you feel like you have to recharge yourself more often than most people around you?
Are you easily startled?
Do you ever feel pressured to cover up your sensitivity and act like you’re someone you’re not to gain love, respect or acceptance from others?
Do you tend to trust your intuition over logic?
Can you easily empathize with other people’s concerns?
Do you cry rather easily and usually feel better afterwards?
Is time spent in nature not only uplifting but also essential to your health and well-being?
Do you intuitively know you’re sensitive?

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