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Maria Pascucci’s Professional Bio:

Maria Pascucci empowers sensitive women to let go of the pressure to be perfect, transform their sensitivity into an asset and reclaim their health, energy, voices, confidence and power. She loves to ask women questions like, “How would your life be different if you treasured your sensitivity, knowing that it’s your greatest superpower as a woman and even as a leader?”

Maria is a first-generation summa cum laude college graduate, ICF certified professional life coach, transformational nutrition coach, award-winning author and national women’s leadership speaker. She’s also a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist and former highly sensitive stressaholic!

Although she’s thankful for her many awards and accolades that she worked her tail off for, if you stripped them away, she would still stand proud knowing who she is at her core: a woman whose sensitivities make her a strong leader in all areas of her life without feeling battle-hardened, insecure or overwhelmed. And that, Maria says, is her greatest accomplishment.

In addition to her work with women, check out Maria’s programs for college women leaders at Campus Calm®

Check out Maria’s TEDx Talk on recovering from perfectionism:

Maria incorporates her 3-step process into all of her coaching programs:

  1. Stop the Insanity.
  2. Get Real.
  3. Embrace all the parts of you, even your inner pefectionist!

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate compensation from the resources and websites mentioned on this website for sensitive women.

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