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Maria Pascucci empowers women & men to release the pressure to be perfect, transform their sensitivity into an asset and reclaim their health, energy, voices, confidence and power!

What Satisfied Clients are Saying:

Working with Maria was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself to date.

From my first conversation with her at ITN Live, we just clicked and I knew I needed this woman in my life: her confidence, light and energy were magnetic.

When the opportunity to be coached by her arose, I had to take it. I wanted to embody the coaching characteristics she exuded.

During our 4 months together, I experienced MASSIVE shifts both within myself and as a coach. Together we worked on my confidence, self-belief, visibility and knowing what I truly wanted and then taking the action to make it happen.

Some of my biggest achievements that came out of our time together were: hugely building up my self-confidence, sharing my story that I had been previously nervous to put out there and seeing an amazingly supportive response, and getting my FIRST PAYING CLIENT!

Before working with Maria, I had already invested in about ten other marketing and business building programs besides my coaching certifications, and I was utilizing about 5-10% of what I learned. Now after working with Maria and having her one-on-one accountability, genuine encouragement and loving support, I finally have the confidence and self-belief to put those programs I already paid for to good use! Maria’s coaching was the missing piece I so needed to stop ‘getting ready’ and actually take action to build my business.

The results I experience through our work together are nothing less than transformative. I highly recommend Maria to anyone looking to up-level their self-confidence, self-belief and truly step into their vision.

Haley Reese,
CTNC, Certified ThetaHealer
The Holistic Health & Happiness Coach

I absolutely loved The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter, along with my ELI Assessment and debrief with Maria!

layneSeeing the results of my evaluation and having Maria interpret what it all meant was like looking at a picture of myself, my life, in a simple bar graph. I had no idea that a few lines could mean so much! Because of the information that I learned about myself, I now have a greater opportunity to understand how my personality handles stress and what my potential for greater good is. It was as if we turned on some light bulbs in a few very dark corners of my soul. I feel that this will enable me to get out of my way more as I launch my coaching business, and to know where I have openings for spiritual growth.

Maria asks precise questions that invite me to look inside myself for answers and helps me have faith that I already have the answers within. She gently creates a safe space for me to be honest and vulnerable. The way she receives my answers, with a steady, non-judgmental kindness, allows me to be courageous and expressive. With Maria by my side, I feel less afraid.

Maria showed me a way to access my power, grace and gifts even when the going gets tough–without going into my fight or flight stress reaction. This is the key to us sensitive souls no longer getting in our own way, which opens us up to creating clarity, power and peacefulness.

The Sensitive Soul’s Power Meter will transform every piece of your world, every conversation with yourself, all aspects of your business, and every relationship can powerfully shift immediately so that your conversations tomorrow look and more importantly feel totally different. Why would you wait another day?

Layne Lyons,

A breath of fresh air for both my business and my life,

working with Maria was an invaluable experience of self discovery. With her gentle, loving persistence, Maria not only showed me where I was standing in my own way in my work and relationships, but also guided me to find the right steps to finally get unstuck, break free from the overwhelm and stand proudly in the world as the sensitive, perfectly imperfect woman that I am.

Her approach to this process is at all times kind, understanding and fun-loving, and she is a wonderful mentor and coach who has taught me that my innate sensitivity is not only NOT a weakness, but it is a true strength that can solidify my relationships with others and help me build the business of my dreams.

Before working with Maria, I found myself signing up for program after program, watching webinar after webinar, studying for the next qualification or certificate, trying to find the magic formula that would finally make me feel ready to step up and shine in my business and put myself “out there” in front of my ideal client. Maria has saved me thousands of dollars! I will no longer waste money on online courses or products because I don’t feel ready. With her coaching I’ve realised I AM ready. I am ALREADY ENOUGH, exactly as I am. I already have all the tools I need to serve my ideal client. I don’t have to know absolutely everything about everything before I can take a single step forward and make an impact on the world. I just need to show up as me. In such a gentle way, Maria shined a light on where I was hiding from myself, holding myself back from life.

She helped me piece together my life experience, my work experience and my education, and make a plan that I was so happy with for the first time since I started my business over a year ago. The difference is that it is MY plan. Capitalising on MY strengths and working on what I’M passionate about, not some cookie-cutter business plan from an online course, product or “business coach”. With Maria’s help I’ve realised that my goals and definition of success are unique, just like me. So my approach to my business should also be unique.

I love my new business! I’ve gone from hiding in the shadows hoping no one will ask me what I do for a living so I can avoid the tongue-tied 10 minute eye-glazing explanation, to booking my first live speaking events, starting to run weekly classes in my community, effortlessly selling my signature coaching package to a new client and creating group coaching programs I’m proud of and feel confident about selling. I have a whole new focus and direction for my work that inspires me more every day. I’m proud of and feel confident about selling. IN FACT, I’VE SEEN A 340% INCREASE IN SALES SINCE I STARTED WORKING WITH MARIA!!!

My whole life I’ve felt disorganised and surrounded by chaos. I had previously tried every time management trick and organisational strategy in the book to try and get organised, and if it didn’t work perfectly for me I tossed it aside and declared I just wasn’t good at time management and organisation. That I was destined to always live in chaos and feel overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list. They simply didn’t work for “someone like me”.

For the first time in my life I now approach these new-found skills with a sense of fun, confidence and experimentation, instead of begrudgingly and ineffectually. And to my surprise I am actually quite good at them. I no longer believe that organisational strategies don’t work for me, or that I’m no good at time management. In fact, I actually enjoy the whole process now! I’m getting SO much more done and achieving more than I ever thought possible. My work days now run like a well-oiled machine, leading to a calm sense of achievement at the end of the day instead of the desperate sense of not having enough hours in the day to get it all done like I had before. Even my partner and three sons are loving our new meal planning system that is working beautifully and, most importantly, imperfectly, keeping it fun and flexible for the whole family. My stress levels have decreased accordingly! This new approach is all thanks to Maria and her expert coaching, helping me again to see where I’ve been standing in my own way with my limiting beliefs about myself. It’s continuing to change my business and family life in so many wonderful ways.

And that’s the heart of it. Working with Maria was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life, and has lead me to realise that I can surprise myself in how I show up, both in my work and in my personal life. I’m no longer feeling stuck. I’m continuing to surprise myself with my strengths and abilities and learning to step up and lead, and speak proudly about what I do. And I’m inspiring others through my example to do the same. I whole-heartedly recommend her expertise to help break through the overwhelm and stop treading water in your work, family and life in general.

Thank you, Maria, I can’t recommend your coaching highly enough. I sing your praises to anyone who’ll listen!

Emma Turton,
Medical Intuitive
BSc(Physiotherapy), APAM, CTNC, Functional Nutritionist, Certified Meditation Teacher, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Priestess of the Third Level (Institute For Intuitive Intelligence)

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate compensation from the resources and websites mentioned on this website.

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