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Resources for Sensitive Soul Sisters Like Us:

The following organizations have been kind enough to share the website and Vlogs (video blogs) with their networks.

Now I get to show my appreciation by introducing you to their wonderful resources! Because sensitive soul sisters thrive when we cast competition fears aside and collaborate for the highest good of all!

With love,


Highly Sensitive People Support Network

A public Facebook community for highly sensitive people. Friends and fans from all over the globe are invited to be part of this support network to assist in raising the level of awareness, respect, and appreciation for the contributions that Highly Sensitive people provide to the global community.

Empath Connection on Facebook

This Facebook page is designed to help empaths and highly sensitive people embrace their unique spiritual gifts with full consciousness and awareness, and use those gifts to help humanity.

Highly Sensitive Person/HSP

A closed Facebook support group for highly sensitive people.

Highly Sensitive and Creative

This Facebook page explores the inner experience of being a highly sensitive person – and how to thrive with this valuable personality trait of many creative people.


Insights into how to successfully navigate the unique situations and challenges that arise for the people with the trait of high sensitivity and the people in their lives.

The Empath Universe

This public Facebook community teaches empaths how to shield themselves from energy vampires and live a happier lifestyle.

Empath Connection

This website provides excellent resources to help empaths and highly sensitive people learn skilled empathy. I invested in The Complete Empath’s Toolkit and find it so inspiring and helpful!

Highly Sensitive Women

A public Facebook community where highly sensitive women can share our experiences of being highly sensitive in North American society.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate compensation from the resources and websites mentioned on this website.

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